IT and Engineering Consultants

Engineering Practices

Smartedge specializes in the Engineering domain and our core strength is our technical expertise which enables us to provide innovative and practical solutions to your complex challenges. We believe in the fundamental rule of only providing the very best candidates to our customers and our people are an important component of our customer’s success. We provide complete IT support to several Engineering clients and understand just what type of IT infrastructure you need to operate efficiently. We work hand-in-hand with you to clearly understand the project requirements, and to quickly and easily meet your unique needs. We take the time to understand your needs and we are committed to your success. Smartedge has a reputation that is recognized throughout Europe as an efficient partner in delivering cost effective, individually tailored engineering solutions that precisely meet the needs of our customers. We act as your “trusted advisor” and help you with the design and implementation of your IT strategy, so you make the most from your monetary and human capital investments.

Smartedge’s Expertise


Information technology is moving the electricity industry toward a greater connection between the customer, the control room, and all points in between.

Smartedge’s Power networks solution provides high end professional IT engineering services across the Electricity utilities sector which has enabled our clients to expand the capabilities of the power grid to improve reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and customer interactivity.

Our expertise ranges from smart appliances in the home to sophisticated building control systems which have enabled our clients to help make the grid more reliable.


Smartedge’s breadth and depth of experience coupled with the industry intellect in the Gas sector, helps us to provide you with a comprehensive solution to meet your IT needs.

Gas energy companies are now using “Intelligent Operations” smart cards, smart wells and other “smart” applications to improve operating performance across the entire value chain throughout the gas industry market. In downstream companies, they are working to integrate supply and demand with trading and production.

Smartedge has “field” experience with many gas companies in different stages of their production cycle and can support you with the end to end design and implementation of your IT strategy.

Examples of Solutions we have Designed, Implemented and Manage for Energy Companies Include
  • Collaboration solutions that permit asset partners to share vital information getting suppliers, engineers, production and maintenance communities all working better together. The result is quicker and improved mutual decision making.
  • File Management and document libraries that create a single repository for Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E), compliance, maintenance records while tracking change management documentation
  • Performance Management solutions that include real-time operating and financial performance analytics
  • IT staff augmentation providing the expertise you need, for the platforms you are using, when you need it, and you pay for just what you use
  • Mobility management, improving safety and productivity by delivering critical information to field personnel and technicians
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) tracking the performance of your physical assets, parts and maintenance over their lifecycle


Water is crucial for human survival and it is a scarce commodity in many parts of the world.

Smartedge supports the water, wastewater and water-related environmental sectors with IT engineering services and our expertise includes
  • Databases, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Simulation & Optimization Models of various types, Integrated Decision Support Systems, and Monitoring & Evaluation systems (M&E)
  • Appropriate Management Information Systems in water and irrigation & drainage institutions
  • Modern topographic surveys to better plan and manage problems of waterlogging and water access
  • Connectivity within and across offices
  • Information kiosks in rural areas (for extension, marketing, information management, etc.)
  • Computerization of records and use of archival/access software to store hydrologic and climatic data, data on irrigation systems and designs
  • Digital libraries of environmental and water-related data