Big Data, BI & Analytics Practice   

Big Data is fast becoming an everyday part of our lives, as is Business Intelligence (BI), and Analytics. They are also increasingly essential to organisations who need to understand and examine their customer’s behavior in order to make important future business decisions.
In layman’s terms, BI is the transformation of raw data into ripe information, that can be easily used and interpreted. For example: previously an administrator looking at a set of data in its rawest form would only have seen lines of numbers. Nowadays, a BI analyst can look at processed data, simply interpret and translate the results back.
Data Analytics allow users to visualise their data, by communicating them through meaningful patterns using graphs, charts and other tools. The most straightforward way to illustrate these concepts is that analytics are BI just on a much greater scale. Data is collated immediately, instead of retrospectively. Business Intelligence is now practiced by a diverse spectrum of organisations, in a variety of sectors and verticals. From Banking and Insurance to Government and Pharmaceuticals.
Smartedge consultants routinely undertake roles in all of these disciplines, some examples of our representative assignments include: Sales/Field Operations, Regional and Global Sales, Sales Managers/Directors, Pre- Sales, Business Development, Data Scientists/Data Engineers, Channel & Alliance Managers, Sales Engineers, Solution Designers and Architects, Machine Learning Scientists/Engineers, Business Intelligence (BI) Engineers, Professional Services and Analytics Managers/Consultants. These roles are both permanent or contract.
Smartedge consultants who work in the Big Data, BI and Analytics space are dedicated specialists, constantly researching and learning the market thoroughly; by investigating and networking with clients, and with in-depth qualification of existing candidates. Being Specialists allows us to gain vital inside industry knowledge, allowing us to advise on the current market conditions, salaries, benefits and rates.
Smartedge advisers work with the most advanced search tools and techniques, and have a proven track record that our philosophy of constructing knowledgeable and long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates alike, returns mutually beneficial outcomes for all.

Smartedge’s Big Data, BI & Analytics Practice includes

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse on traditional and Big data platform
  • Design & Assessment
  • Data Quality
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Conversion
  • BI solutions involving MSBI, SAP BI, QlikView, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Spotfire and Custom dashboard solutions
  • Strategy & Roadmap
  • Data Governance
  • Information Management