Join a global and diverse team of creative and technical wizards


Career Growth

Smartedge enables you to achieve your passion through our robust ‘EDGE’ (Explore – Develop – Grow – Excel) career framework.


Explore your passion across the length and breadth of the organisation. We work as one team globally and are supportive of global opportunities


We invest in quality ‘On the Job’ and ‘Off the Job’ learning and development opportunities which you can make use of for your own development


You will be provided with ample opportunities and mentoring support to plan your career path and grow up the ladder


As you grow in your career path, we will be truly glad to enable you to excel!

Health Care

Smartedge offers optional top-tier medical, dental, and vision coverage for all its employees and their dependents.

Flexible Work Options

We provide our employees with flexible work options. We support parents with work from home or any location as long as they’re getting their work done. We encourage our employees to take advantage of our flexible work options to increase their creativity and productivity.

Pension Plan

Your future is our priority. We provide optional comprehensive pension plans for all our employees

Smartedge Icons

The entire Smartedge team gets together once a month at our ‘Smartedge Icons’ ceremony, to celebrate company milestones, recognise our top performers, share updates, and welcome our newest hires. As an organization, we value transparency and go to great lengths to make sure our entire company is informed regarding key aspects of our business.

Team Spirit

We work as a team and value colleagues as extended family members. On top of our daily camaraderie, we come together on Fridays for lunch with impressive supply of healthy food and desserts to share a lighter moment at work.