LifeSciences Practice

COVID has brought in a sea-change in Pharmaceutical industry exposing the opportunity for stronger business and technology solutions in LifeSciences R&D space to develop medicines at a much faster pace.

Smartedge has built their LifeSciences practice with highly qualified LifeSciences R&D experts with many of them with Doctoral qualification. Smartedge has the capability in business and technology consulting in R&D space especially in Drug Discovery and Clinical and are addressing the needs of UK & Europe market.


Our team comprises Product Owners, Implementation Consultants, Business Consultants, Data Scientists and Data Engineers. Smartedge has got offices in London and offshore centre in Hyderabad with remote working model. Armed with around 100+ resources catering to software development as well as staffing solutions.

Data Center of Excellence

Smartedge has been focused on growing their Data CoE which encompasses everything related to Data (Repurposing, Fabric Implementation Strategy, Clinical Pharmacology, Integration, Visualisation and much more). Our consultants have worked with small, medium and large companies and have provided innovative solutions in Data management which has helped the clients to make very meaningful decisions. For our prestigious US client, they have developed solutions to integrate their unstructured/structed data sources and implemented on cost-efficient infrastructure

Product Management

Smartedge LifeSciences Consultants are very passionate about Innovation and provide Out-of-box solutions for the current world problems. They have worked as Product Managers with small, medium and large companies to build MVP and have also been instrumental in speedy Go-to-Market solutions. They have been excellent mentors for start-ups and implemented market-needy solutions like Clinical Genomics Analytics Platform and Drug Discovery Platform

Digital Transformation

Irrespective of the size of the company, they have implemented solutions in Labs, Clinical and Drug Discovery starting with a simple automation of batch program to Artificial Intelligence. For our pharma clients, our consultants have digitally transformed their existing Labs into SmartLabs and improved their LIMS capabilities. Our consultants have proven capabilities in AI/ML , Data Sciences and Data Visualisation.